Victor is an independent brand which will release considered, contemporary, classic mens clothing. We do not consider ourselves a fashion label in that we won't be following the fashion calendar, nor will we release large collections. Our reasoning is that each item is an individual piece that deserves as much attention as we put into making it.

Every item we release can be worn individually as well as collectively to create versatile and considered styles. The collection will be built over time and as a result live, grow and evolve. All of our pieces will be limited edition.

The aim of Victor is to constantly evolve while working alongside the best manufacturers, creatives and brands to produce quality items which are worth keeping. Each Victor item, irrelevant of age, will relate to each other, this will be shown in our imagery as items are released.

Victor is starting at the beginning with the classics. Victor 001, which is currently available on our website, is a finely manufactured white 100% cotton oxford shirt with a rounded collar, single breast pocket, mother of pearl buttons and rounded barrel cuffs. We have stripped back the classic shirt to its most essential core, and in doing so, we believe we have breathed new life into it. Subtle details include navy contrast neck and base button holes.

Victor 002, released 02/07/12, is another essential. A minimal white t-shirt with single breast pocket, thick ribbing and uneven vented hem made in a high quality, heavy weight jersey. 

The fabric on both items is made in Britain which is also where they are manufactured. Both items have been made in a limited run, 60 shirts and 50 t-shirts.

This is the starting point for Victor, the foundations. In the next few months we will be releasing more items and have some exciting collaborations lined up. To see these new releases people can sign up to our mailing list and follow us on Facebook or Twitter and see the development and evolution of Victor.
For more information or imagery regarding Victor Clothing, please do not hesitate to contact jonathan@victorclothing.com